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8. Informationswissenschaft als Brückenwissenschaft

Approaches to sense disambiguation with respect to automatic indexing and machine translation

Overview over the thesaurus relations used

USE      = BENUTZE   (equivalence relation, points to descriptor) 
           a USE b => use b instead of a 
USED FOR = BENUTZT FÜR   (equivalence relation, points to non-descriptor) 
           a USED FOR b => a is used for b 
BTG      = BROADER TERM (GENERIC)  = IS INSTANCE OF (Abstraktionsrelation) 
           a BTG b => b is a broader term for a 
BTP      = BROADER TERM (PARTITIVE) = IS PART OF  (Bestandsrelation) 
NTG      = NARROWER TERM (GENERIC) = HAS INSTANCE   (Abstraktionsrelation) 
NTP      = NARROWER TERM (PARTIVE) = HAS PART   (Bestandsrelation) 
SYN      = EQUALS   (Synonymierelation, Äquivalenzrelation) 
RT       = RELATED TERM   (= Assoziationsrelation) 
           a RT b => a and b are related terms 
           a TR b => a and b are translations of each other