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Brian Shackel & S.J. Richardson: Human Factors for Informatics Usability


Part I: Informatics Usability – Introduction, Scope and Importance Chapter 1: Human Factors for Informatics Usability – Background and Overview
Chapter 2: Usability – Context, Framework, Definition, Design and Evaluation
Chapter 3: The Business Case for Human Factors in Informatics
Part II: System Design – Orientation and Approach Chapter 4: Human Factors Contributions to the Design Process
Chapter 5: Helping the IT Designer to Use Human Factors
Chapter 6: Interface Design Issues for the System Designer
Chapter 7: An Approach to Formalised Procedures for User-Centred System Design
Part III: Special Topics in Depth Chapter 8: The Contributions of Applied Cognitive Psychology to the Study of Human-Computer Interaction
Chapter 9: Formal Models and Techniques in Human-Computer Interaction
Chapter 10: Designing Expert Systems for Usability
Part IV: Organisational Aspects and Design in Large Systems Chapter 11: Organisational Issues and Task Analysis
Chapter 12: Participation in Systems Design – What Can It Offer?
Chapter 13: Towards a Human Factors Strategy for Information Technology Systems
Part V: Design and Evaluation – Some Specific Methods Chapter 14: A Taxonomy and Rule Base for the Selectioin of Interaction Styles
Chapter 15: Designing and Evaluating Documentation for IT Users
Chapter 16: Evaluating Usability