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Information Science in Saarbrücken

„Information” is defined as (the result of) the process of transfer of knowledge or opinion between humans, as far as this increase or change in knowledge or opinion influences the actions of the recipient.

Above all, Information Science in Saarbrücken deals with the preconditions for and methods of knowledge transfer (knowledge management).

Central topics of interest are:

  • specialized information
  • public information / new media
  • information and communication in enterprises
  • information industry

Among the methods and tools there are:

  • information technology
  • information linguistics / knowledge representation
  • man-machine communication
  • information economics and management

Information Science courses can be taken as primary or secondary courses (leading to a Master of Arts or doctoral degree). With courses leading to a diploma degree information science may be studied as a supplementary course. Admission is restricted, courses always start in winter term.

Main research areas are:

  • automatic indexing and retrieval
  • overcoming language barriers in knowledge transfer
  • telelearning
  • knowledge transfer with new media
  • web publishing

In practice, Information Science know-how may be employed where information systems and processes are designed to the needs of human users.